Nicolás Rupcich Scholz
24.04.1981 / Santiago, Chile.
Lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.


Nicolás Rupcich studied his Bachelor of Arts degree at the U. Finis Terrae, has a Master's degree from the University of Chile and Meisterschüler in Medienkunst at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig. Rupcich works mainly with photography, video and installation, his work focuses on issues related to digital image postproduction and technologies related to image production today.


He has exhibited his works in individual and collective exhibitions in Chile and abroad, but also in international new media festivals, such as: FILE Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. Transmediale, Berlin, Germany. Loop Festival, Barcelona, Spain, among others. Among the awards and scholarships he has received are the following: In 2006 first prize in "Digital Art Contest" of the UDD and Paula Magazine. Between 2012-2015 DAAD scholarship (German Academic Exchange Service). In 2014 first place in the photography contest of the Patricia Ready Gallery and Nescafé and in 2015 second place in the FIVA International Video Festival of Buenos Aires. His works have been included in Chilean and German collections of contemporary art, such as Peters-Messer Sammlung and Sammlung Kulturstiftung Sachsen among others.



Solo exhibitions:

2019 After Nature, bi-personal exhibition with Rocío Olivares at Cindy Rucker Gallery, New York, USA.
2018 Chepu, Die Ecke Barcelona - City Screen/Loop Festival, Barcelona, Spain.
2018 La Sombra de la Imagen, Galería Concreta – Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile.
2017 No Land in Sight, Spazio T)Raum, Milan, Italy.
2016 Narcolepsia, Instituto Tele Arte, Santiago, Chile.
2016 Der Tod der Sonne, Die Ecke gallery, Santiago, Chile.
2016 EDF, MAC Valdivia, Valdivia, Chile.
2015 No Land in Sight, Die Ecke Barcelona - Loop Festival, Barcelona, Spain.
2015 ML, Videorama - Werkleitz, Halle, Germany.
2014 Falso Reflejo, Galería Concreta - Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile.
2012 Imagen Exportable, Espacio Flor, Santiago, Chile.
2012 ML, Die Ecke gallery, Santiago, Chile.
2011 Grand Celebration, Casa E, Valparaíso, Chile.
2008 Designed Territory, Die Ecke gallery, Santiago, Chile.
2006 Automatic, Die Ecke gallery, Santiago, Chile.
2006 Berlínmiami, H10 gallery, Valparaíso, Chile.

Group exhibitions / Screenings:


2019 Print Screen Festival, Holon Cinematheque, Holon, Israel.

2019 Media/Life out of Balance, Tianchi Theater of Tainan Art Museum II, Tainan, Taiwan.

2019 An Archive of your Future, Festival der unabhängigen Lesereihen, Z-Bau, Nuremberg, Germany.

2019 Programa Eclipse, Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile.

2019 You are here. Arbeiten aus der Sammlung Peters-Messer, Werkschauhalle, Leipzig, Germany.

2019 The Return of the Westpol, Westpol, Leipzig, Germany.

2019 La Mirada es un Atentado, publication realease and installation by Nicolás Rupcich, Catalina Rupcich and Editorial Otra Sinceridad, Local Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, Chile


2018 Macro Asilo, Screening of Der Tod der Sonne, Museum of Contenporary Art, Rome, Italy.

2018 Five Trillion Times, 2nd international printmaking Triennal, Art Museum of CAA, Hangzhou, China.

2018 Passage, residency & exhibition, la Maison de Associations, Bergerac, France.

2018 Dobles de Proximidad: Videos, Galería Barrios Bajos, Valdivia, Chile.

2018 Dobles de Proximidad, Contemporary Art Museum, Santiago, Chile.

2018 BANK, BLANK (48 Stunden Neukoelln), Alte Sparkasse, Berlin, Germany.

2018 WIN/WIN — Die Ankäufe der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Leipzig, Germany.

2018 Video Sur, Latin American video art at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.

2018 RE/PUBLIC – Public spaces in digital times, Polit-Forum-Bern, Bern, Switzerland.

2018 Los Nuevos Sensibles, Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile.

2018 INTERVENTION, Subte centro de exposiciones, Montevideo, Uruguay.

2018 No middle, no end, LAZNIA Center for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk, Poland.

2018 2018 FACES, collaboration with Yvon Chabrowski, Dorothée Nilsson Gallery, Berlin, Germany.


2017 ELOY [Audiovisual concert directed by Francisco C. Goldschmidt], Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Cologne, Germany.

2017 Lost Dimension video program at AMIFF Festival, Harstad Kino, Harstad, Norway.

2017 In Your Dreams I Am A Landscape, Casa del Cinema Videoteca Pasinetti, Venice, Italy.

2017 Collage I - Methode, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Austria.

2017 Pacific Standard Time LA/LA: Video Art in Latin America, LAXART, L.A., USA.

2017 Constitución 1989, D21, Leipzig, Germany.

2017 Ombre Lunghe Festival, Ateliersi, Bologna, Italy.

2017 Sobrexposición, EAC, Montevideo, Uruguay.

2017 Athens Digital Arts Festival, Historic center, Athens, Greece.

2017 Open the Narrative, Werkschau Halle - Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany.

2017 Post 90, Museum of Contemporary art, Santiago, Chile.

2017 CINEMA per L'ARTE, CUBO Centro Unipol, Bologna, Italy.

2017 Elsewhere is Nowhere, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria.


2016 Elsewhere is Nowhere, National Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan.
2016 El Cuerpo como Campo de Subversión, Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Oaxaca, Mexico.

2016 Una Palabra Llamada Imagen, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Cerrillos, Santiago, Chile.

2016 BLITZ International Performing Arts Festival. SURPRISES, Experimental Cinema Corner - IN YOUR DREAMS I AM A LANDSCAPE, Rovinj, Croatia.
2016 Appropriation is not Appreciation, CITY GALLERY des Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany.
2016 Art Speaks Out, video program part of the exhibition "Till it`s Gone", Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, Turkey.
2016 Neue Neue Schule, Kunstverein jahnstraße - Schauraum, Braunschweig, Germany

2015 The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, Sentir - Pavillion / Taller Monstruo, Santiago, Chile.
2015 FIVA Festival, Biblioteca Nacional - Museo del Libro y de la Lengua, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2015 PARASPACE, MINY Media Center by IFP, New York, USA.
2015 La tierra caerá con su sol en la noche eterna, Galería Artespacio, Santiago, Chile.
2015 FILE Festival, Fiesp Cultural Center - Ruth Cardoso, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2015 Interscreening Festival, Westpol A.I.R. Space, Leipzig, Germany.
2015 Del REMAKE al RESTAGE, Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile.

2014 Ars Electronica Festival, Best of Animation/Film/VFX, Linz, Austria.
2014 Territorios Fronterizos, Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile.
2014 Dis-Appearance [2], Westpol A.I.R. Space, Leipzig, Germany.
2014 Visiones Laterales, Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda, Santiago, Chile.
2014 Algo es Algo, Galería Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile.
2014 V_kunst, Galerie Maurer, Frankfurt, Germany.
2014 Of Landscape, Reverse, New York, USA.
2014 ¿Mar para Bolivia?, Centro Cultural Simon I. Patiño, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
2014 Die Barbaren Kommen, Group video show, Kunstraum Liška, Leipzig, Germany.
2014 Spread Spectrum, Collaboration with Rodrigo Araya, Kunstraum Liška, Leipzig, Germany.

2013 Cynetart, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, Germany.
2013 11th Media Arts Biennale, National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile.
2013 Cultural Clash Nomade, Mobiles Ausstellung Projekt, Germany, France, Switzerland.
2013 I SEE, International video art festival, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, China.
2013 Radiaciones de Fondo, Galería Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile.
2013 Área / Procesos, Factoría Italia, Santiago, Chile
2013 MICH, Casa de las Américas, La Havana, Cuba.

2012 Trienal 2, Galería Metropolitana, Santiago, Chile.
2012 Museo de la Resistencia, Galería Daniel Morón, Urgent Paradise, Lausanne, Switzerland.
2012 Contaminaciones Contemporáneas, MAC, Santiago, Chile.
2012 Grenner on the Other Side, Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland.
2012 Grenner on the Other Side, Titanik Gallery, Turku, Finland.
2012 Súbita Política, Fundación Migliorisi, Asunción, Paraguay.
2012 Festival OODAAQ Dʼimages Poétiques, Rennes, France.
2012 Mit Ohne, Urgent Paradise, Lausanne, Switzerland.
2012 Transmediale, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany.

2011 Imagen Local, MAC Quinta Normal, Santiago, Chile.
2011 28th Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Video Fest, Kassel, Germany.
2011 Desviados, public space intervention, Santiago, Chile.
2011 Tenebrae, La Oscuridad, CeAC, Santiago, Chile.
2011 Dislocación, Juraplatz, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

2010 Transcripción Local, Palacio Astoreca, Iquique, Chile.
2010 Contaminaciones Contemporáneas, MAC USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2010 Dislocación, Ciclo de Cine - ¿Qué fabrican las imágenes?, Santiago, Chile.
2010 Extraterritory - Quien, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2010 Colectiva Die Ecke, Die Ecke gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
2010 Chili, l'envers du décor, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris, France.

2009 7º Biennale of the Mercosur - Projetáveis, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
2009 Twist and shoot, Puro Chile, Soho, New York, USA.
2009 Trienal de Chile - El Terremoto de Chile, MAC Quinta Normal, Santiago, Chile.
2009 ChACO, contemporary art fair, Santiago, Chile.
2009 ArteBA, contemporary art fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2009 Beijing Biennale 798, Beijing, China.
2009 Cohortes, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile.

2008 La Otra Contemporary art, Bogotá, Colombia.
2007 Video Festival Mini-Max, Apetit Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2007 Chile Channel, Matucana 100, Concreta gallery, Santiago, Chile.
2005 None, Military Historical Museum, Santiago, Chile.
2004 Suple, Pedro de Valdivia 2454, Santiago, Chile.


Grants and Awards:

2019 - Ca.Sa. Award 2019 finalist, Santiago, Chile.
2019 - Niio x Asia Art Awards for new media art, 3th place.
2015 - 2nd Prize FIVA international video festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014 - 1° Place in Photography Prize, granted by Galería Patricia Ready / Nescafé. Santigo, Chile.
2012 - 2015 DAAD Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst / German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship.
2011 - Torres Del Paine Award, granted by Galería José Daniel Morón, at "Morón Awards".
2006 - 1° Place in Digital Art Prize, granted by revista Paula and UDD. Santiago, Chile.
2006 - Fondart scholarship (granted by the Chilean government).
2004 - 2005 Fondart scholarship (granted by the Chilean government).



2018 La Mirada es un Atentado, photo & poetry book by Nicolás & Catalina Rupcich, published by Otra Sinceridad

2017 Visiones Laterales, Claudia Aravena & Ivan Pinto (Experimental Cinema and Video art in Chile 1957-2017), ISBN: 9569843411
2016 Rotunda Magazine online interview
2016 Der Tod der Sonne, Die Ecke Arte Contemporáneo, ISBN: 978-956-9516-13-9
2014 Algo es Algo, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes [exhibition catalog] ISBN: 978-956-352-107-8
2013 Imagen Criolla, by Nathalie Goffard, ISBN: 978-956-8415-59-4
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2011 Landscapes of Contemporary Creation, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, by Fabrice Bousteau ISBN-13: 978-2330000615
2010 Chili, L'envers du décor. [exhibition catalog]
2009 Grito e Escuta [7ª BIENAL DO MERCOSUL], ISBN: 978-85-9950-118-4
2009 Trienal de Chile, by Ticio Escobar, [exhibition catalog] ISBN: 9789568926014
2009 Constellations, Beijing Bienale 798. [exhibition catalog]
2009 Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory, published by Phaidon Press and New Museum, ISBN-13: 9780714849812 link
2009 Through the Eyes of New Photographers, by Artnow International Corporation, ISBN-13: 978-0982092118
2009 Nature v/s Culture by Public Library, independent Chilean publishing house


2013 - 2015 Meisterschüler bei Prof. D'Urbano, Intermedia Klasse, HGB Leipzig, Germany.
2006 - Cross-Media Graduate, Academia Mac-PC. Santiago, Chile.
2004 - 2005 Magister in Visual Arts, Universidad de Chile. Santiago, Chile.
1999 - 2003 Fine Arts Graduate, Universidad Finis Terrae. Santiago, Chile.


2017 Open the Narrative, Werkschau Halle – Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany.
2015 Entre el Ocaso y el Colapso (Between Dusk and Collapse), video program at Centro de Arte Digital Juan Downey, Puerto Varas, Chile.