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Video HD. Audio stereo. 09:53 min.

Parasite Paradise is a journey into contemporary east German ruins. The video was shot in several abandoned factories on the outskirts of Leipzig, some from the GDR period and others dated even older.


The images from this industrial architectural remains were manipulated, in a way that the footage itself seems that it has fallen into a state of decay, giving the impression that these buildings no longer exists, but only as a worn-out image.


In this monochromatic spaces, texts emerge that seem to inhabit these places, like subtitles inside the images. As the camera goes forward, a reading of these texts is produced, which carries the space into a poetic whole, making us imagine other absent spaces and temporalities.


Parasite Paradise, ultimately makes us project ideas about what these spaces were and what they could become, as we simultaneously experience –similar to a veiled photograph– how the past and the present are condensed, becoming visible as one.




This project was funded thanks to Dresden State Chancellery within the frame of the campaign:

"So geht sächsisch - Kultur Digital"


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