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Video HD. Audio stereo. 08:34 min.


“Chepu” was recorded on the Chiloé island, in southern Chile. The title of the video is homonymous with a river of this island where there is a dead submerged forest, in which the trunks of the trees still appear on the surface of the water. This place was chosen for recording as it functions as an antithesis to the commercial representation of landscape. From the market of high and ultra high definition image emanates a sense of representation of bright, dazzling and artificial reality, which merges with our most everyday reality. These current image quality standards have taken the manipulation and aesthetization of the world to an extreme. Post-processed landscapes images are migrating into the unreal and fictional, that’s what we understand today as our natural landscape thanks to the digitalization of the world. In this video the images of a dead natural referent have been digitally intervened with formal gestures that make visible the violence that the image manipulation/post-production can have in the construction and supplantation of reality.


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La Sombra de la Imagen, solo exhibition @ Galería Concreta - Matucana 100 / Santiago, Chile / 2018

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