Nadie (Nobody) / Mixed media installation, Variable dimensions / 2017

Installation views at "Open the Narrative", Werkschau Halle - Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany.

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Screenshot / 3D print, 60 x 40 x 4 cm / Screenshot of a web browser, 3D printed as an object, displaying one of the oldest recorded definitions of the word “image” from around the year 1700

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Screenshot & Nadie / 3D print and wood lasercut on plexiglas

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Nadie (Nobody) / Wood lasercut on plexiglas / Text lines of the poem “Nadie” by the Chilean writer Gonzalo Millán compressed one over the other and then turned into an object, the poem as an object.

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Untitled / Hanging screen from a suction cup and video loop from an underwater shot taken in a swamp.

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Untitled / Vertical projection 5:00 min. HD video animation / Video shot of a cliff in the south of Chile, in the animation the image disintegrates from the bottom to the top.


Short video documentation