Der Tod der Sonne

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Video HD. Audio stereo. 09:10 min.

Der Tod der Sonne (The Death of the Sun) was recorded in the swamps of Leipzig between 2014-2015 with telephoto lenses and extreme slow motion camera effect. The video generates an experience of another dimension of time. The slow movement, the quietness and the close up shots produce a distancing effect in which the spectator falls in a sort of trance, through abstract dark and thick images, the experience is related to a mood that lies in the swamps, which are by convention dark places in nature. The editing, shots, audio and effects transform this natural space into a place closer to the idea of a “Limbo”.

installation views

installation views @ HGB Galerie / Leipzig, Germany / 2015

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Installations views Der Tod der Sonne solo exhibition @ Die Ecke Gallery / Santiago, Chile / 2016

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video stills

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