Video HD. Audio stereo. 02:46 min.

The video shows the animated wireframe of what appears to be a Sea, in a way what we see it’s the images skeleton, which is interrupted by fragments of the same image but completed (with texture, lighting and environment). Those residual fragments give us an idea on how can this structure looks once completed. Finally, the camera pulls back showing us that what appeared to be a big liquid volume, it’s defined by boundaries that cut the surface in a square, transforming the uniform matter in an object. This relation between an incomplete image, fragments, changing boundaries and the unresolved construction are connected with an unstable condition that can be found, for example in the nature of geopolitical borders.

installation views

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Algo es Algo @ Galería Gabriela Mistral / Santiago, Chile / 2014

Lichtung @ HGB Leipzig / Leipzig, Germany / 2015

video stills

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