Algo es Algo [Something is Something]

installation, mixed media / in collaboration with Rodrigo Araya and Rodrigo Lobos / 2014

The exhibition in Gabriela Mistral Gallery (Santiago, Chile) seeks to create the impression that the objects displayed within the gallery space are part of the process of installing or de-installing the show itself. The exhibition refer to the visual conventions that are established on the art market, through which we aimed to produce a reflection on how, what and when an art exhibition happens.

There are three basic stages of the process of an exhibition that can be defined as: installation of the exhibition, the exhibition itself (that’s the climax point) and later the de-installing of the show. We suppressed the part of the climax (a clear sensation of a whole without interruptions) and we built the exhibition using as a visual reference the moment before and after of the show.

The main architectural interventions of the space were the blue carpet on the main room and covering the glass wall that limits with the street with a polarized filter. The blue carpet makes the space to resemble a conference or event room, shifting the character of the room towards a corporate-like skin. The carpet as simple gesture leads the reception to the space as one associated with an event that is going to take place or already happened. The polarized filter on the gallery window turns the glass into a mirror. It works mirroring the face that receives more light, therefore during the day the exterior of the gallery it is a mirror and during the dusk and night the interior it is mirrored. In the darker side of the filter people can look through without been seen for people at the other side. This generates a reflected image of the show and the outside (the reflection effect changes side during the day and at night), also produce a control of what the pedestrian and public can see.

The pieces on display are not identify by author and are arranged in an unbalanced way on the space, allowing the void take part of the exhibition. The decision was to create a temporal situation that was able to call to the mind other possible exhibitions with these pieces as well to stress the materiality of the architectural space as a main part of the exhibition.

installation views

Algo es Algo @ Galería Gabriela Mistral / Santiago, Chile / 2014

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