Video HD. Audio Stereo. 06:11 min.

*HEADPHONES OR EXTERNAL SPEAKERS NEEDED, LOW AUDIO FREQUENCIES. [Best viewed full screen in a dark room. It's a slow video, take your time]

H1 makes reference to the ISO levels on digital cameras, H1 it’s the highest level of sensitivity in certain cameras on video mode (ISO 12.800). The high ISO generates digital noise on the image, which in the “industry” is understood as an error. In H1 the image it’s slowly infected, ending in an image of total noise, which we can understand as a wrong light reading by the camera, but producing with it an image that it’s a mix between reality and “digital matter”. Finally the image is covered by a rectangle that give us the impression of censure. The original image is transformed into a non-image in which the material dimension of the digital image is the main issue.

video stills

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