No Land in Sight

2 Channels video Installation. Video HD. 15:10 min. loop
Nicolás Rupcich in collaboration with Felix Leffrank

No Land In Sight started with the collection of emblematic German landscapes as video footage. With this “Raw footage” we did the recomposition of fictional landscapes following the aesthetical ideas of landscape design and German romantic painting to create an idealized image of nature.

Through different video post-production softwares, 3D and digital effects the images were edited over and over again in a way that the sense of “original material” is lost. In the video installation we see the process of post-production and how this images are endlessly altered. The 2 Channels are establishing a dialog between themselves and show how the landscapes are digitally constructed, deconstructed and constantly manipulated making visible their own flexibility.

installation views

Cynetart @ Hellerau / Dresden, Germany / 2013

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10 sec. video promo