Casi ocho de cada diez
Website project and poster / in collaboration with Rodrigo Araya and Rodrigo Lobos
Trienal de Chile 2 @ Galería Metropolitana / Santiago, Chile / 2012

An online collection of images, videos and audio files from the artists personal archives that they never used or thought about it as material to be exhibited as "art works". The visitors of the site can navigate just making a click on top of any image on the screen, there's no other option.

The title: “Casi ocho de cada diez” in english: “Almost eight of each ten” is quoting a part of an article published in a New Yorker newspaper, the complete sentence was: “Almost eight of each ten Chileans are happy”. The lack of objectivity of this statistic was one of the starting points of this project.

"Trienal de Chile 2" was a critical independent project questioning why the Chilean Trienal was able just to be done one time on 2009, in this context our project was a way of thinking about the status of things that are not completely finished or accomplished, that’s why we used for this project just material that was in an unfinished or undefined status.

website screenshots

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