DVD. NTSC. Audio stereo. 40 sec.

In Automatic the main characters are digital cameras taking pictures of each other in frantic round of flashes from dusk to dawn. The video is focused in the issue of documentation, it’s pointing to image reproducibility, to the amount and ability to produce images nowadays by any user.

Automatic it’s a parody of a reality that’s being duplicated at every minute thanks to the social symptom of having the need to make a record of every empirical thing. Tautologically each frame of video recorded contains another image created by the digital cameras on the scene, carrying the image production to an absurd and useless excess. The location (a forest) where the video was done, builds the narrative of time passing by through the natural lighting.

Automatic explodes the technical process of documenting and produces with it a new image.

installation views

Installation views @ Automático / Galería Die Ecke / Santiago, Chile / 2006

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